Our pastry chefs use time-honed techniques and classic Danish flavours to produce our traditional Danish pastries. Each pastry is carefully hand-crafted to achieve the perfect lamination, texture, and authentic taste that is expected from Ole & Steen. Baked throughout the day, Ole & Steen pastries are as delicious in the afternoon as they are in the morning.


Our menu features iconic Danish pastries such as spandauers with vanilla cream white icing and almonds, and indulgent chocolate and cinnamon swirls. Pastries pair perfectly with an espresso made by our skilled baristas.

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Comforting cinnamon, chocolate and old-fashioned socials are the height of hygge. Our signature pastries, socials are layered pastry dough, soft flavourful fillings, and topped with just the right amount of icing or sugar. Socials are made to be shared with good company or enjoyed by the slice at any time of day.