Our Coffee

Our coffee is based on beans sourced from three specific single estate farms; Brazil’s Fazenda Sao Silvestre, India’s Nagambika Estate, and Colombia’s Café Hacienda Horizonte.

 We roast our beans weekly and because we only use single estate seasonal beans it means they are always super fresh and we understand every step of the process from growing to harvest.

 Our baristas understand and love making the best coffee. At the Ole & Steen coffee academy our baristas are coached in every aspect of what it really means to make a truly great cup of coffee from looking after the beans, the coffee machine, to steaming the perfect milk. If that isn’t enough, at the end of the academy and before they fly solo, they have to make a perfect coffee for Troels from Kontra who just happens to be 2005 World Barista Champion! 

 We hope you can taste the love we put into every cup of Ole & Steen coffee



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