All our cold pressed juices are made by our supplier, The Juice Executive, a family-owned business from the countryside in Kent. By using the cold pressed method, it means our juices aren’t pasteurised (heat or pressure treated), we thereby retain more nutrients, and it makes for a much better tasting juice. Nothing is added, the produce is simply washed, pressed and bottled.

We always aim to source the most sustainable option possible, whether that's getting our apples from Kent, or choosing a European partner for things that can't be grown in the UK e.g., citrus fruits.

Our Juices

Ole & Steen cold-press orange juice.
Ole & Steen cold-press apple juice.
Carrot, Orange & Turmeric
Ole & Steen cold-pressed juice packed with carrots and turmeric as an antioxidant.

Our Smoothies

Green Smoothie
Mango, avocado & banana smoothie
Red Smoothie
Cold pressed strawberry, apple and ginger juice
Yellow Smoothie
Mango and passionfruit smoothie with chia seeds