Kager (cakes) & Flødekager (cream cakes)

Originally known Lagkagehuset or "layer cake house," cake is a core part of the Ole & Steen heritage. Each indulgent dessert is delicately hand-crafted using methods tested by time. Thoughtfully sourced ingredients ensure our cakes are as flavourful as they are beautiful.

Chocolate brownie

Dark chocolate brownie covered in chocolate chips.

apple pie

Shortcrust base with apples & cinnamon.

Chocolate chip cookie

Large cookie with dark, milk and white chocolate and hazelnuts.

Raspberry tart

Chewy marzipan base topped with velvety pastry cream, fresh raspberries and crushed pistachios.


Biscuit base with silky cream cheese filling, topped with mango & passionfruit glaze.

Gateau marcel (small)

Dense chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate glaze.

Passionfruit slice (vegan)

Puffed rice, coconut & chocolate base, plant-based passionfruit & lemon 'mousse', passionfruit jelly and scattered with chopped pistachios - 100% plant-based.