FASTELAVN is my name… This line sings out of the mouths of joyful Danish children (and young-at-heart adults) this time of year, as they go door to door trick or treating in Danish neighbourhoods in full costumes for the Danish pre-lent festival - Fastelavn.

This light-spirited celebration is full of colours, costumes, games, joy and laughter but, like any other Danish tradition there would be no real celebration without food.

Buns up, buns down. Buns in my belly… as the song of Fastelavn continues we are introduced to what many considers to be the best part of Fastelavn – Fastelavnsboller or Festival Buns as we call them over here.

Last year our Raspberry Festival Bun was bun-stoppable, so much so that we this year kindly asked it to bring two of its friends.


HEJ, my name is RASPBERRY
I'm a Danish pastry bun filled with raspberry cream, a Sarah Bernhardt chocolate mousse and topped with pink icing, raspberry cream and freeze-dried raspberries

HEJ, my name is MOCHA
I'm a Danish pastry bun filled and topped with mocha and salted caramel cream, finished with a dark chocolate shard

HEJ, my name is VANILLA
I'm a Danish pastry bun filled with vanilla cream and topped with whipped cream, white chocolate and icing sugar

Our colourful Festival Buns are made on a traditional Danish ‘Wienerbrødsdej’ or as it’s known in the rest of the world – Danish pastry dough. The buns are then baked until they reach a light and soft interior and a golden and flaky exterior. We then have our skilful confectioners individually hand-pipe each bun with flavoured mousses and delicious creams and finally we decorate the buns for a mouth-watering finish.

Join us celebrating Fastelavn this weekend!

To get involved with this joyful celebration, we’re inviting children and those young-at-heart to our Chiswick bakery this Fastelavn weekend (25th - 27th), where we will bring our partnership to life with Talking Tables, and have the bakery decorated, so you can experience this festivity full of colours, joy, laughter and of course treats, first hand.

We’ll reward our visiting children with party bags* each time a festival bun is bought by their accompanying adult, which will be full of everything they need to take the celebration of Fastelavn home with them. We’ll also have a competition running at the event, giving you the chance to win a bundle of Talking Tables partyware and £100 Ole & Steen voucher!

Should you be unable to attend our Fastelavn event in Chiswick, all is not lost, as all our remaining London and Oxford bakeries will continue to offer our deliciously creamy Festival Buns all the way until 4th April, so you have plenty of time to treat yourself for a celebratory Festival Bun.


Fastelavn, celebrated across Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Faroes Islands, is a majestic cross between Mardi Gras, Halloween and Christmas; with songs, parties, trick or treat, games, costumes and, most importantly food. It dates back many centuries and traditionally is a splendid, final excuse for celebration before Lent.

Every year kids dress up, not only to go trick or treating, but also for a glorious and competitive game of “Slå katten af tønden” meaning Beat the cat off the barrel. (This is of course not to be taken literally as no cat or other animals are hurt in this event.) Instead, it is a fun game where kids line up to take a swing at a barrel to hopefully make it pop, so the barrels usually containing sweets and fruits fall out and onto the floor. Through this spirited game a cat king and queen will be crowned and rewarded with a crown each.

While this celebration is very much kids-orientated, there is no doubt that everyone takes great joy in indulging into the deliciously creamy Festival Buns, which are a must-have throughout this season of Fastelavn. So, come on down to your nearest Ole & Steen bakery for a change to take a bite of our bun-believable Fastelavnsboller. Find us here

Fastelavn is this year celebrated on the 27th February, but we will offering our Festival Buns from 1st February – 4th April.