General + points

1. Do you have an app?
We do! Our O&S+ app is available for both Android and Apple. For more information on our loyalty scheme and how to download our app, click here.

2. What are the benefits of the O&S app?
There are so many! Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Earn loyalty points
  • Earning points from every visit (10 points rewarded for every £1 spent)
  • 400 points upon registration NEW
  • Achievable redemptions, starting from 250 points NEW
  • Tiered rewards from 250 points all the way up to 6,000! NEW
  • Trackable points NEW
  • Rewards: We can reward customers with bespoke vouchers for products which we know customers will love, as we know what they like based on their regular purchases NEW
  • Gifting: Customers can gift a sweet treat to someone they know by selecting a product and sending it to another app user’s account NEW – Coming soon
  • Pay via the app at till point NEW
    Store check-in: App connect to ePos/ Store Staff Key to enable personalised service NEW

This is in addition to existing features such as: Click & Collect, collect receipts in one place, browse the full menu, recommended products for you on home screen, find the nearest store and hear the latest news.

3. How many points do I receive when I shop?
For every £1 you spend in store for eat in or takeaway – or via Click & Collect in our app – you’ll receive 10 points.

4. Are there any other ways to earn points?

  • Click & Collect – rewarded 5 points each time you use this service from June 17th – September 17th
  • Pay via app - rewarded 5 points each time you use this service from June 17th – September 17th

5. Do I start collecting points right away?
Yes! You will start collecting points right away. If you download the app whilst making a first purchase, your points will take 7 days to load onto the app as they process through our system.

6. I didn’t receive my points. Where are they?
We’re sorry you didn’t receive your points. Don’t worry! You can contact who can help add your points.

7. What do I do if I didn’t earn points when I used my smart phone to pay?
As above.

8. Who do I contact if I have a problem with points?
If you have a problem, please contact our customer support via

9. I had a poor app experience in one of your stores – who do I contact?
Please reach out to with as much information as possible and we’ll endeavour to help.

10. Why can’t I collect coffee stamps anymore?
We have changed out loyalty programme to include as many of our products as possible, making the programme as inclusive as it can be so everyone can save points to spend on their favourite items. As a part of this change, we now only reward loyalty with points. If you’re a coffee fan though, don’t worry, you just need to collect 300 points before you can redeem a free coffee.

11. The app isn’t loading – how do I fix this? / Who to contact for what.
If you have a problem, please contact our customer support via

12. I liked the old loyalty system – why did you change it?
We want to ensure as many people can enjoy our loyalty program as possible. Our previous scheme only allowed coffee drinkers, and bread and social lovers to redeem products. The new scheme allows customers who enjoy all of our range to earn and redeem points against their favourite products. A customer can also redeem their first rewards at 250 points rather than waiting until 1,000 points are earned.

13. Can I order O&S Delivery via the app?
At the moment, delivery is only available at Ole & Steen via Deliveroo and not our own app.

14. Can I earn points and rewards on Deliveroo / Karma / City Pantry orders?
Unfortunately, customers using Deliveroo, Karma or City Pantry are unable to redeem points via these third party platforms.

15. I have a new phone number – how do I transfer my app points across?
Please contact who can organise this for you.

16. Can I send a gift via the app?
Soon you will be able to gift other O&S app users via the app. Check back for more details soon.

17. Can I send a gift to someone in Denmark or the USA via the app?
At the moment, this isn’t an option but it’s something we are working on. Check back for more details soon.

18. My receipt didn’t go into the app – where is it?
Please contact who can look into this for you.

19. How many points do I get for downloading the app?
You’ll receive 400 points when you download our app – that’s a slice of Cinnamon Social or one of our famous Danish Pastries – on us!

20. I already have the app – what’s changing for me?
You’ll now be able to benefit from all of the new features and loyalty tiers. All of your existing points would have transferred across to your new app. Any coffee stamp you had would have converted into 50 points and all vouchers collected i.e. free coffee, should be on your new app’s Reward page too.

Payment & Refunds

21. Can I pay with Apple/Google pay and still collect points?
You can! Simply connect your mobile device to your app when in store. Our teams can help you do this and you’ll start collecting points every time you use your mobile to pay. But don’t forget, you can pay through the app too, which is great for when you don’t have mobile payment set up and you’ve forgotten your card!

22. I couldn’t redeem a voucher in store – what do I do?
Please contact so we can resolve this for you.

23. I had a poor experience in store with the app – can I get a refund?
Please contact so we can resolve this for you.

24. Can I change my bank card details on the app?
You can! Simply remove your card and add your new card details.

25. Can I have multiple payment cards on the app?
Of course, you can add multiple payment cards and multiple smart phone payment methods to your in-app wallet. Head to the ‘My Profile’ page of the app to manage your payment methods.

26. What do you do with my card details – why do you need them?
When you download our app, you will be asked to add you payment card to your “My profile” section. We ask you to input your card details and these are stored on our behalf by a 3rd party to keep these safe. Why? We do this in order to recognise when you make a payment with your bank card or Apple/Google Pay device. By having your card details, we’re able to identify your app profile, every time you pay. This means that we can identify how many points your have when you pay and you’ll earn points automatically, without having to open the O&S app!

27. How do I connect Apple/Google pay to the app?
Simply ask a team member on your next visit and they can connect your mobile payment to your app. Your card will be stored in the ‘Wallet’ section of the app.

Click & Collect

28. Can I edit my C&C order?
Once your order is submitted, you’re not able to edit it.

29. Can I cancel my C&C order?
Unfortunately, once you have submitted your order, you cannot cancel it in the app.

30. Can I get a refund for my C&C order via the app?
Please contact so we can resolve this for you.

31. I had a missing item in my C&C order – what do I do?
Please contact so we can resolve this for you.

32. I ordered an item via C&C and it wasn’t available when I went to pick it up. What do I do?
The team will offer you an alternative item of the same value. Alternatively, the team on shift will cancel your order and we can place it again without the out of stock item.

33. What is the amount you have taken from my card when I placed a C&C order?
In order to check your card details are correct, when you place a Click & Collect order through our app, a token amount may show as a pending transaction in your online banking. This is done as a verification check but rest-assured, we won’t ever debit your account for this transaction. Instead, the transaction will disappear from your pending transactions online – usually in around 10 working days.

34. How far in advance can I order C&C?
a. Between 10 minutes and 6 days in advance.

35. I’ve placed an order via C&C. The money has come out of my account. Where’s my order confirmation/receipt?
All of your past and upcoming orders will be in “My Receipts” which you can find in your profile under the “More” button in the app.