Our Coffee

Our coffee is certified Specialty Coffee which means coffee of particularly high quality and in-depth knowledge of how the beans have been handled in every step from harvest to the cup.

At the Ole & Steen coffee academy, our passionate baristas are skillfully trained and coached in all the aspects of crafting a great cup of coffee, including dialing in the espresso, adjusting the grinder and steaming the perfect milk.

Direct Trade

Our coffee is ethically sourced, and we buy green coffee beans directly from two farms in Colombia and Brazil – Colombia el Porvenir and Brazil Santa Lucia.

By cutting off intermediates and trading directly with the farmers, we ensure the farm is paid a sustainable price for the coffee - which is currently 30% more than the Fairtrade mandated price.

Roast profile and tasting notes

When applying a gentle, medium roasting profile, our roaster help realise the full flavor potential of the beans from Colombia and Brazil.

Enjoy a balanced cup of coffee with a chocolate body, caramel sweetness and citrus acidity.

We hope you can taste the love we put into every cup.