It might not quite be time to dust of your Christmas jumper just yet but the creative elves at our bakery have been working hard to ensure a magical range of Christmas goodies this festive season.

This year, Ole & Steen will be helping you celebrate Christmas together. Whether that’s providing a place for a cosy catch up over coffee or baking sweet treats which are perfect to share at home with friends and family, we want to ensure you can celebrate Christmas together and honour your own unique traditions, the way you usually do.



One of our festive favourites this year – The Mince Pie Festival Bun, has entered our Christmas range under the influence our newest collaboration with the talented Meringue Girls. The Meringue Girls story began in 2012. Their female founders met while working as chefs in a restaurant kitchen in East London. As they bonded over a love of all things sweet and saw a gap in the market. They began introducing their meringue creations via London’s booming street food scene, which quickly becoming an Instagram sensation.

This year’s festive bun combines a traditional Danish pastry known as a Fastelavnsbolle, or ‘festival’ bun; a pastry studded with candied peel - together with a luxurious mince pie cream for the ultimate festive treat. It is then topped with chocolate icing and chocolate curls and, for that added extra bit of Christmas stardust, an exclusive and beautiful golden mince pie savoured meringue kiss by confectionery queens, @meringuegirls.


It’s back! Our festive twist of our all-time bestseller, the Christmas Social makes its return this Christmas. A braided sweet dough with orange jam, chocolate icing, chocolate pieces and gold hazelnuts, perfect for sharing. As we this year celebrate being able to once again having the company of who we love dearest, we are also reminded that not everyone is as fortunate. Therefore, this year we will be donating 30p from the sale of every slice to the charity Re-engage, helping them give vital support to older people suffering loneliness this Christmas.

To find out more on how we’re supporting Re-engage over the Christmas period, follow us on Social and drop Re-engage a follow too to see what great work they’ve been doing to tackle loneliness @reengageuk


The festivities continue with our new Christmas range, what will be your new festive favourite?


Turkey Roastie Toastie
Focaccia filled with roast turkey, pork and apple stuffing, tarragon mayo, cranberry sauce, Cheddar and spinach.

Merry Squash-mas (vg)
Focaccia filled with roast squash, vegan stuffing, vegan tarragon mayo, cranberry sauce, caramelised onion, Violife cheese and spinach.

Roast Turkey Sandwich
Seeded roll filled with roast turkey, pork and apple stuffing, tarragon mayo, cranberry sauce and rocket.

Merry Squash-mas Sandwich (vg)
Seeded roll filled with roast squash, vegan stuffing, vegan tarragon mayo, cranberry sauce, caramelised onion, and rocket.


The Little Polar Bear
Danish pastry paste, with cocoa and jam, rolled in white chocolate and coconut and decorated with chocolate icing. Our Little Polar Bear is one of our heroes as it is created by the use of returned pastries, which helps us minimising waste, while maintaining its great taste.

Jule Tree Marshmallow Whip
A thin marzipan base topped with marshmallow, covered in white chocolate, coconut and topped with a chocolate star.

Classic or Berry White Marzipan Slice
A marzipan paste, base dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with white icing. Our Berry White benefits from the same marzipan paste, but has a nougat centre, dipped in white chocolate, and decorated with freeze dried berries.

Crumble Mince Pie
A pastry crust with a persipan base, filled with mincemeat and topped with an almond crumble.

Blackberry and Pistachio Julehorn
Buttermilk pastry with a blackberry centre, decorated with blackberry icing and pistachios.

Ginger Honey Hearts (White and Dark Chocolate)
Gingerbread sponge dipped in chocolate and decorated with freeze dried raspberries and chocolate pearls.

Merry Muffin
A chocolate muffin with chocolate chips, topped with cream cheese frosting and red chocolate pearls.


Kløben Brød
A sweet bread studded with candied peal and raisons covered in icing sugar.

Hygge Heart Cookies
Vanilla biscuits, sprinkled with spiced sugar and nibbed almonds.

A traditional Christmas cake with dried fruits soaked in rum and Cointreau and topped with gold hazelnuts.


Gingerbrød Latte
Our espresso mixed with gingerbread syrup, topped with vanilla whipped cream and gold dust.

Frosted Mint Hot Chocolate
Our hot chocolate powder mixed with peppermint syrup, topped with vanilla whipped cream and gold dust.

Mulled Wine
Mulled wine served warm, infused star anise, cinnamon and orange slices.