Celebration Cakes

You have probably been in to enjoy a Strawberry Tart or Cinnamon Social in one of our London bakeries. But did you know that you can order your favourite celebration cake for your next event? Our Danish Bakers and Confectioners train for seven years to be able to create the perfect made-to-order cakes for your celebration.

Please note:
- Orders must be placed either in-store or via our loyalty app
- We require a minimum of 48hrs notice for all orders
- You can choose to add a personalisation on most of our cakes for an additional charge. This will be on a marzipan plaque, hand iced by one of our confectioners, with your choice of message. You can choose up to 20 characters. Please note, we cannot yet take personalisation requests through our loyalty app, so you will need to order this in-store.
- All cakes must be kept refrigerated
- As we bake all of our cakes in an environment where all allergens are present, we cannot gurantee that our products are allergen-free or suitable for those with allergies, please see our allergy guide for full details


A nutty shortcrust base covered in dark chocolate filled with fresh vanilla cream, strawberries and almond shavings.

Serves 6


Make it personal? Add your choice of message for £3.50 (requests taken in-store only).


A shareable pastry, known in Denmark as "STÆNGER", these long pastries are perfect for your next celebration.

We have our famous Cinnamon Social; a braided sweet soft dough pastry, filled with vanilla custard and cinnamon paste topped with icing. The Vegan Social; a vegan take on our Cinnamon Social, or an Almond Social; a more traditional Danish Social, which is made with puff pastry filled with marzipan paste, vanilla custard and almonds.

Serves 7

Whole (Cinnamon, Vegan, Almond): £19.95


A chocolate lovers dream. Chocolate sponge filled with chocolate cream, coated in white and milk chocolate pipes and covered in chocolate shavings. This cake is ordered by the number of servings required. Please see serving options below.

Small (serves 6) £29.95

Large (serves 12) £59.95

Make it personal? Add your choice of message for £3.50 (requests taken in-store only).


Light, thin sponge cake layered with raspberry jam, berry cream, vanilla custard and macaron crumble. Wrapped in marzipan and decorated with fresh fruit.

Serves 8


Make it personal? Add your choice of message for £3.50 (requests taken in-store only).


A traditional Danish layer cake - or "lagkage" in Danish - this light, thin sponge cake layered with vanilla custard, whipped cream, raspberry jam and macaron crumble is topped with chocolate fondant and marzipan. We love these layer cakes so much that you will notice our Danish name is "Lagkagehuset" - or "Layer Cake House".

Serves 8


Make it personal? Add your choice of message for £3.50


A classic Danish birthday cake. Dressed in either a dress or trousers, covered in sweets. Choose from four bases, plus an optional personalised message.

Serves 20

Base 1: Social pastry with white icing
Base 2: Social pastry with chocolate icing
Base 3: Chocolate Cake
Base 4: Muscavado Cake (Brunsviger)

£39.95. Available to order in-store only.

Make it personal? Add your choice of message for £3.50


A staple in Denmark for New Year’s Eve, weddings, and other celebratory events. "Kransekage" is made of baked marzipan dough shaped into a tower.

If you are a fan of our Marzipan Slice, this is the cake for you. Available in any size you need, by adding extra rings.

Small (serves 6) £24.95

Large (serves 10) £39.95

Add extra layers at £3.95 per portion

Make it personal? Add your choice of message for £3.50 (requests taken in-store only).


Super-rich, flour-free chocolate cake base filled with a silky-smooth chocolate mousse, white chocolate shavings and a chocolate twill. Delicious, rich chocolate taste.

*No gluten-containing ingredients

Serves 6