Originally known Lagkagehuset or "layer cake house," cake is a core part of the Ole & Steen heritage. Each indulgent dessert is delicately hand-crafted using methods tested by time. Thoughtfully sourced ingredients ensure our cakes are as flavourful as they are beautiful.


Our selection of cakes includes some of Denmark’s most beloved treats. Enjoy classic cakes and tarts like our strawberry tart with dark chocolate, fresh vanilla cream, strawberries and almonds or our Mango & Passionfruit Cheesecake which not only looks good but it tastes pretty good too. A crunchy biscuit base with silky cream cheese filling and topped with mango & passionfruit glaze.


Playful coconut, and caramel puffs are the perfect match of marzipan and marshmallow. Covered in chocolate and dusted with the right amount of nuts or coconut Ole & Steen puffs are a perfect treat in any season.