Bread making in Denmark is a time-honoured craft. Our bakers are passionate about process, carefully controlling timing, temperature, fermentation, and humidity over several days to create each Ole & Steen loaf of bread with the perfect structure, taste, and crisp crust. We bake all night and all day so that our bread is fresh from our ovens for the best possible experience.


Ole & Steen is proud to bring our most beloved breads from Copenhagen to the UK. Enjoy classic breads like the skagen, lander, rye and sourdough loaves. Whether you enjoy them in the store with friends or take home for later, our variety of rolls can be enjoyed any time of day with butter, Danish cheese or simply plain.

Rugbrød (Danish Rye Bread)

Good things take time. Our Danish rye bread uses a sourdough rise and requires three days to produce. The result is worth the wait. Our ryes- whether chia rye, soft carrot rye, crisp seeded rye, or rich chocolate rye - all showcase authentic flavor from our 100+ year old sourdough starter.