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Start building up loyalty points for delicious treats & rewards.

We’ll reward you with 10 points for every £1 spent with us*, but that's not all - You'll also receive exclusive and regular rewards, including a birthday treat!

You can redeem your loyalty points across the majority of our menu, from as little as 250 points all the way up to 6,000 points - giving you the freedom to either treat yourself regularly or save up for something special.

(*Only purchases made with Ole & Steen directly are eligible for loyalty points. Ole & Steen cannot reward loyalty points through third party operators, such as Deliveroo)

Ready to use the app in-store?


Once you've set up your profile and you're ready to start collecting or redeeming points and rewards in-store, head into your local bakery and 'check-in' when you're at the till. You can do this by pressing "Check-in", which automatically displays your unique QR code, allowing you to scan the QR code at our scanners by the till. Our team members will confirm with you that you've successfully checked-in, and you can continue to order.
Your loyalty points will be automatically added onto your account as soon as payment has gone through, and you'll also be rewarded with 5 points for your check-in too.


Once you've built up enough loyalty points (over 250 points), you can start redeeming them against your purchases.
'Check-in' when you're in store, and let our team members know that you'd like to pay for one (or several) of the items with loyalty points as you're ordering. The points will automatically be deducted from your account, once the payment has been taken.


Whether it's your birthday or we have something to celebrate, we'll regularly reward our loyalty members with reward vouchers.
Once a voucher arrives, you'll be notified either by push-notification (if you have agreed to these), or when you open our loyalty app.
All reward vouchers can be seen in-app, by clicking on 'Rewards'. The voucher will usually have a validity of 7 days, but this can vary, so to be sure of the validity period of a particular voucher, this will be visible below the voucher itself i.e. "Expires 7 days" or "Expires today".

When you have a voucher you'd like to redeem in-store, simply let our team member know when you check-in at our till point, and they'll be able to apply this to your transaction.

All reward vouchers are one-time-use only, so they will disappear once they've been redeemed.



Prefer your Social speedy? Pre-order through the app and come to collect in store, helping you beat the queue.

Head to the “Order” function on the app, choose your preferred bakery and place your order.
You can order with notice from as little as 10 minutes and up to 6 days in advance, so select the time and date that you're looking for.
Once you're ready, head to the basket and check through your order before confirming.

You can pay via your preferred payment method (including e-giftcard), and once the transaction's gone through, you'll be given an e-receipt, which will have a collection number on it. This receipt can be found at any time by clicking on 'More' and 'My receipts'.

When you're ready to collect, head into store and your items will be ready to collect from the Click & Collect area. The receipt with your corresponding order number will be attached to your order, so take your items and enjoy!

As soon as our team has acknowleged the order has been collected, they'll proceed to take payment and your loyalty points will be rewarded.


Once you've selected your chosen bakery and you're ready to place your order, you will be able to select your reward vouchers or points vouchers, listed at the top of the screen i.e "Free Luxury Cake, 600 points".
Once you select your chosen reward or points voucher, the eligible items will be displayed underneath to make your selection from.
When you're ready to pay, this voucher will be visible upon check-out and the discount will have been applied.


  1. Download the app
  2. To verify your phone number, enter the PIN you will receive via SMS
  3. Complete profile information, including adding a payment card and a mobile payment to your account. Note: if you choose to pay via mobile pay on your next visit, let our team members know that it's the very first time, so they can complete the set up for you
  4. Once your profile has been completed, you will receive 400 points from us as a welcome gift


Got a question about our loyalty app? Check the App FAQ page here.

Our full App terms and conditions are available to view in-app or click here

Need support? Please visit your local store or email our support team