About Ole & Steen


For 10,950 mornings – or 30 years – the pursuit of better ingredients, better craftsmanship and better taste has been what gets us up in the morning. It’s this pursuit that made two Danish bakers wake up in the morning with the same vision all those years ago – to create a better bakery for all. Better morning coffee and weekend delights. Better lunches, treats and celebrations. How? By refining simple recipes, experimenting and serving the result in beautiful surroundings.

This year we’re celebrating 30 years since it all started in our first Lagkagehuset bakery on Torvegade by Christianshavns Torv, Copenhagen. We have a few more bakeries these days and we want even more people to be able to wake up to better bread. So, whether you live in Denmark, London or New York, that’s what gets us up - morning after morning, year after year.

Photo credit: Marie Louise Munkegaard

Our Story

Our two founders – Ole and Steen – joined forces in the pursuit of quality. In 1991 – on the other side of the country in Christianhavn, Copenhagen – third-generation baker Ole Kristoffersen opened a bakery with his girlfriend Jane in a building known as “The Layer Cake House”. Steen Skallebaek opened his first bakery in Jutland (West Denmark) in 1992, where he became famous for Rugbrød and Rundstykker – the rye breads and small rolls Ole & Steen are known and loved for.


In 2008, Ole & Steen joined forces in the pursuit of quality. With over 100 stores in Denmark, Lagkagehuset is a household name and now stands as the embodiment of premium bakery.

Our bakeries showcase the best in craftsmanship – freshly baked products, made from scratch. Our first UK store opened on 19th December 2016 on Haymarket, under the name “Ole & Steen”. Today more than 300 bakers work to support the Danish, London and New York bakeries.