Celebrate Fastelavn

The Danish festival is back and it's time to celebrate with our deliciously indulgent Festival Buns!

For those of you who are new to Fastelavn (Fast-e-la-ven), the word translates as "Fast-evening", because this Danish festival is a pre-lent celebration - which encourages indulgence and fun! Dating back as far as the Medieval times, Fastelavn is incredibly colourful, full of costumes, games and of course... cake!

Fastelavnsboller, or 'Festival Buns', as we like to call them, have been a key part of the celebrations for hundreds of years, although now they are baked and filled a little differently (and definitely more delicious!).

This year we welcome the return of our Vanilla Festival Bun and our Mocha Festival Bun, but we also have two new additions to join our line-up this year, which we're pretty sure you're going to be as excited about as we are - Say a big HEJ! to our new Vegan 'Lemon & Passionfruit' Bun and our 'Rhubarb' Bun.

If you can't decide, we have a bundle available in store, where you can buy any two for £8.45.

Meet our Festival Buns

Our Vanilla bun is a Danish pastry bun filled with vanilla cream and whipped cream, before being topped with a red chocolate heart and whipped cream. Perfect for a Valentine's gift, or a little self-love.

This Danish pastry bun is filled with both coffee cream and salted caramel, before being topped with whipped cream and a dark chocolate shard. The perfect Bun to complement your cup of coffee.

New to our Festival Bun line up for 2024, we have a Rhubarb Festivl Bun. Danish pastry bun filled with rhubarb mousse and baked rhubarb, topped with white chocolate and pink icing.

Lemon & Passionfruit (VG)
Vegan Danish pastry swirl filled with passionfruit cream and lemon cream, topped with passionfruit
powder and flower petals.